Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper

Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper

Annual Examination


Sub- Social Studies

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.

1- Tick the correct Answer – 8

i) Guru Nanak was succeeded by-

a) Guru Gobind Singh

b) Guru Tegh Bahadur

c) Guru Anged Dev


ii) The Famous JagannathYatra is taken out in-

a) Bhubaneshwar

b) Puri



iii) ‘Holkar’ dynasty belonged to-

a) Baroda


c) Gwalior


iv) Which of these is a social evil?-

a) Sati Pratha

b)Parda system

c) Both of these


v) Customers of producers are mainly-

a) Retailers




vi) The longest river of the world is-

a) Nile

b) Amazon

c) Brahmaputra


vii) Velds are found-

a) On plateau

b) In Valley

c) In Plains


viii) K2 is a-

a) Mountain Peak

b) Ore

c) Mineral


2- Fill in the blanks- 6

i) The Gonds belonged to the __________ region.

ii) __________ parties are not part of government.

iii) Work at home is not considered to be an__________ activity.

iv) Flood makes the land__________.

v) Warm rising air currents are called__________.

vi) A Vampire is a kind of__________.


3- Right true or false for the following statement. 6

i) The final blow to Tughlug empire was given by Babur.

ii) The Nayanars were Vaishnavas.

iii) Shambhaji organized and united the Marathas.

iv) Givernor cannot hold any office of profit.

v) Hawkers cannot be termed as retailers.

vi) Kimberley is famous for gold.


4- Match the following- 6

i) Medicine                    Ever green rain forest

ii) Bata                            Extuary

iii) Branded items        Hammock

iv) Selvas                       Chemist shop

v) Amazon river            mouth Chain stores

vi) Swinging coach       Big stores


5- Very short Questions- (Any 8) 8

i) What are the two taxes collected by Shivaji?

ii) Who designed the city of Jaipur?

iii) Name her kinds of mobile shopkeepers?

iv) What is meant by communication?

v) Name the rivers that drain the veld?

vi) Name the importance animal reared in veld?

vii) Name some of the animals reared by the people of Ladakh?

viii) Define pastures?

ix) Define Ranches?


6- Short Questions. (Any 8) 16

i) What are the common beliefs of Bhakti and Sufi sants?

ii) What does Bhakti means?

iii) What are the results of Aurangzebs dislike for paintings?

iv) What is Astha Pradhan?

v) Who are sale representative?

vi) Write down two factors which make a retailer popular in the area?

vii) Why is international trade largely dependent on water transport?

viii) What do you understand by a settlement?

ix) Why do people in Amazon basin build their houses on stilts?

x) Why is the camel non as the ship of desert?


7- Long Question- (Any 06) 18

i) What were the main teaching of Guru Nanak?

ii) Discuss the significance of fish in Bengali culture and as a source of food?

iii) Discuss the fectors responsible for the decline of Mughal empire?

iv) Discuss about the types of retailers?

v) Classify settlements on the basis of occupation and activity of the inhabitants?

vi) Why are prairies none as grain aris of the world?

vii) Why are the soils of the Amazon basin mostly unfertile?


8- Distinguish between-8

i) Dispersed and compact settlements

ii) Markets towns and administrative towns

iii) Water ways & Air ways

iv) Sahara desert & Laddakh desert


9- Mark the following deserts on an outline map of the world. 6

i) Kalahari desert

ii) Thar desert

iii) Atacama desert

iv) Gobi desert

v) Sahara desert

vi) Laddakh desert


CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper Annual Examination