Class 3 Social Science Sample Paper

CBSE Class 3 Social Science Sample Paper

Annual Examination


Sub- Social Studies

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80


All questions are compulsory.


1- Multiple choice Questions.  6

i) The Himalaya is high______.

a) Mountain

b)  mountain range

c) plateau


ii) Which of these has a peak?

a) plateau

b) hills

c)  mountain


iii) Which of these an area of flat land?

a) Hill

b) plain

c) mountain


iv) Sugarcane is grown mainly in the____.

a) Northern Mountain

b) Northern plains

c) coastal plains


v) The Deccan plateau has mountain ranges on______.

a) Three sides

b)  Two sides

c)  Four sides


vi) Which area gets the smallest amount of rain_____.

a) Plain

b) desert

c) Mountain


2- Write true or false. 6

i) India becomes dependent on 15 August 1950.

ii) Mahatma Gandhi was a doctor to start with.

iii) Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi is at Rajghat Delhi.

iv) Smoke has harmful gases.

v) Burning garbage is a good thing.

vi) Trees cut down to make things like furniture.


3- Fill in the blanks with suitable answer. 6

(Emblem, Mahatma Gandhi, resources, soot, air, underground water)

i) Water and air are natural___________.

ii) Planting trees help to keep __________clean.

iii) Smoke has tiny unburnt recess called________.

iv) The water found under the ground is called_______.

v) We celebrate the birthday of_______ on 2nd October.

vi) Government papers have the national________.


4- Match column A with column B. 6

i) 15 August                          Republic day

ii) 26 January                      Independent day

iii) 2 October                       National animal

iv) Tiger                                Gandhi Jayanti

v) Jana – Gana – Mana       National song

vi) Vande Mataram            National Anthem


5- Circle the odd___  3

i) Hut, Flats, Caves,Trees

ii) Hand axe, Fish hook, safety pin, Needle

iii) Bone,Rubber, stone,Horne

iv) Raw meat, Fruit, cake, Nuts

v) Wool, Wood, Milk, Meat

vi) Sledge, car, spear, donkey


6- Give one word for the following.4

i) People who move from one place to another_________.

ii) Early human used this as clothes_________.

iii) Early human used this hunting tools._________.

iv) Early human used this to roast meat__________.


7- Very short Answer type questions.20

i) Name the animal that our national emblem has.

ii) In the beginning, were there living things on the earth?

iii) Name one type of stone tool which early human used?

iv) Early human moved from place to place what did they look for?

v) What did we start using on Republic day?

vi) When did India become a Republic?

vii) When do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti?

viii) Who wrote our national song?

ix) Who wrote our national Anthem?

x) What are small mountains called?


8- Answer these questions. (any eight)  24

i) What is history?

ii) Why do we say that early human were nomads?

iii) Name three things with which early human made tools?

iv) Name two rivers that flow down mountains?

v) What kind of plants would you found in a desert?

vi) Name two Island groups of India.

vii) Why are the northern plains good for growing crops?

viii) Name the animals that our national Emblem has?

ix) Name India’s national birds and flower.

x) What is Re-public?


9- Draw a neat and clean diagram of ‘National Flag’ or Hand axe. 5


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