CBSE Class X Additional Practice Questions 2023–24

Mastering Science: CBSE Class X Additional Practice Questions 2023–24

Science can be both fascinating and challenging for Class X students. To aid in your preparation for the CBSE board exams 2023–24, we present the “CBSE ADDITIONAL PRACTICE QUESTIONS Science (086) Class X.” This resource is meticulously crafted to provide additional practice and enhance your understanding of key concepts.

The Importance of Practice

Practice makes perfect, and this adage holds true for mastering science. The CBSE Additional Practice Questions offer an extensive set of exercises designed to reinforce your knowledge. Whether you are preparing for your board exams or aiming for a deeper understanding of the subject, these questions cater to various skill levels.

Structure of the Resource

The resource is divided into two sets, each accompanied by detailed solutions and a marking scheme. This thoughtful organization allows students to independently attempt the questions and then cross-verify their answers. The marking scheme acts as a valuable tool for self-assessment, helping students identify areas that require more attention.

Highlights of the CBSE Additional Practice Questions

1. Comprehensive Coverage

The questions span the entire CBSE Class X Science curriculum, ensuring that students have the opportunity to practice across all chapters. From Physics and Chemistry to Biology, every aspect of the syllabus is covered, helping students build a robust foundation.

2.  Clarity in Solutions

Understanding where you went wrong is crucial for improvement. The detailed solutions provided for each question not only offer the correct answers but also explain the underlying concepts. This approach aids in concept reinforcement and better retention.

3. Marking Scheme for Precision

The inclusion of a marking scheme adds an extra layer of precision to the resource. Students can gauge the weightage of each question, understand the criteria for marking, and assess their performance accordingly. This insight is invaluable in strategizing for the actual board exams.

How to Make the Most of CBSE Additional Practice Questions

1. Organized Study Schedule: Incorporate these additional practice questions into your study schedule. Allocate specific time slots for each set, ensuring a balanced approach to all subjects.

2. Systematic Self-Assessment: After attempting the questions, use the marking scheme to evaluate your performance. Identify weak areas and revisit the corresponding concepts for reinforcement.

3. Collaborative Learning: Engage in group study sessions where you can discuss solutions with your peers. Explaining concepts to others enhances your own understanding and allows you to learn from different perspectives.

4. Regular Revision: Integrate the CBSE Additional Practice Questions into your regular revision sessions. Repetition is key to long-term retention, and consistent practice will boost your confidence.

The “CBSE Class X Additional Practice Questions 2023–24” is not just a set of questions; it’s a comprehensive tool crafted to elevate your science preparation. Embrace the challenges, learn from your mistakes, and let this resource be your guide to mastering CBSE Class X Science.

Happy studying!

CBSE Class X Additional Practice Questions 2023–24 


Science (086 ) Sample Paper 2024 Set 1


Science (086 ) Sample Paper 2024 Set 1 Solution

Science (086 ) Sample Paper 2024 Set 2


Science (086 ) Sample Paper 2024 Set 2 Solution