Class 6 Science Sample Paper

CBSE Class 6 Science Sample Paper

Annual Examination


Sub- Science

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.


1- Multiple Choice Question – 5

i) Which of the following materials are used for making electric wires?

a) Metal

b) Plastic


ii) Each magnet has two holes there are –

a) West south

b) South north

c) East west

iii) Which of the following object allow light to pass through them partially?

a) Opaque

b) Translucent

c) Transparent

iv) The image produced in a pinhole comers is –

a) Diminished

b) Upside down

c) Both

v) What percentage of plant body weight is water?

a) 10%

b) 70%

c)  30%

vi) Water table goes down during –

a) Drought

b) Flood

c) None

vii) Which of the following is a biodegradable waste?

a) Glass

b) Metals

c) Paper

vii) Decomposition of solid waste in a  landfill takes about –

a) Two months

b) Twenty years

c) 10 years

viii) What is the composition of water vapor in air?

a) 9%

b) 0.04%

c) 21%

ix) Which component air does not cause burning  but controls burning –

a) Carbon dioxide

b) Oxygen

c) Water vapors


2- Fill in the blanks – (5)

i) Domestic sewage is a _____________waste.

ii) Glass is a _____________waste.

iii) Electric current flows through a_____________ loop.

iv) _____________ allow electric current to flow through them.

v) _____________ is very useful in navigation.

vi) Two north poles_____________ each other.

vii) _____________ occurs slowly at all temperatures.

viii) _____________give rise to image formation.

ix) _____________ object from dark shadow

x) _____________ is the level of water under the ground.


3- State whether the following statements are True or False – (5)

i) A magnet always has two poles.

ii) Repulsion is the sure test of magnetism.

iii) During rainy season water vapor is present in air only.

iv) Evaporation takes place only under sunlight.

v) The moon is a natural source of light.

vi) Image formed in a mirror is laterally in vented.

vii) Drought leads to soil erosion.

viii) Water is essential for all living organisms.

ix) One third of the earth’s surface is covered with land.

x) Electric wires are covered with rubber.


4- Define the following terms – 8

i) Electric current

ii) magnet

iii) Condensation

iv) Opaque objects


5- Answer the following in one word :- 8

i) Conversion of solid waste into manure.

ii) Substances which rot.

iii) Something which is of no use.

iv) Solid waste generated in our homes.

v) The water collected under the ground.

vi) The process of conversion of a liquid into soled state.

vii) The materials that are easily attracted by a magnet.

viii) The material in which current can flow.


6- Short answers type questions :-18

i) How does a torch bulb glow?

ii) What are insulators? Give examples?

iii) What do you mean by holes of a magnet?

iv) When do thunder and lightning occur?

v) What is vaporization?

vi) What are the three necessary conditions to form a shadow?

vii) What is rainwater harvesting? How is it done?

viii) When does drought occur?

ix) Why is composting better then burning of leaves?


7- Long answers type question (Do any four) 16

i) What can be done to minimize the use of plastics?

ii) Tan what ways is an air important human being?

iii) How do animals living in soil take in oxygen?

iv) Two – thirds of the earth’s s surface is covered with water. Then why should we conserve water?

v) What are the roles of water in plants?

vi) What is water cycle? Explain it.

vii) Enlist some of the ways to peep magnet? Safely

viii) Explain the manner in which more than one electric cell is joined in and electric circuit.


8- Match the two columns :- 6


Column ‘A’                                         Column ‘B’

i) Evaporation                                     00C

ii) Boiling                                             steam

iii) Gaseous state of water                Rain

iv) Water falling from clouds           slow vaporization

v) Melting point of ice                        fast vaporization

vi) Loss of water from                       plants


9- Draw any two diagrams neatly :- 9

i) An electric bulb

ii) A water  cycle

iii) A weather cock

iv) Exchange of gases


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