CBSE Class 5 Science Sample Paper

CBSE Class 5 Science Sample Paper

Annual Examination


Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

Sub- Science

All questions are compulsory.

1- Tick the correct.(10)

i) How many classes does the lever have?

a) 1

b) 2

c)  3

ii) The content of nitrogen in the air is

a) 21%

b) 78%

c) 34%

iii) Nothing can burn without the presence of

a) Hydrogen

b)  nitrogen

c) oxygen

iv) The hot molten rock inside the earth is called

a) Lava

b) magma

c) vent

v) Which of these is the first artificial satellite?

a) Sputnik 1

b) Apollo 1

c) Luna 1

vi) Green house gases are-

a) Carbon Di oxide

b) methane

c) both

vii) The chemical used in refrigerator and air conditioners is called

a) FCF

b) CFC

c) FCC

viii) The harmful materials or things that cause pollution are-

a) Smoke

b) garbage

c) both

ix) The molten rock that flows on the surface of the earth is called-

a) Lava

b) magma

c) vent

x) Green plants produce food by using

a) Oxygen

b) Carbon Di oxide

c) none


2- Fill in the blanks. (10)

i) A push or pull on an object is called ________.

ii) A nut cutter is a lever of the ________class.

iii) The boiling point of water is ________.

iv) Water is ________solvent.

v) Salt is an ________impurity.

vi) ________are crackers is the earth crust.

vii) There is no weather on the ________.

viii) All the planets travel around the ________.

ix) In olden days, human beings lived in a different ________.

x) The moon is a natural satellite of the ________.


3- Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for false statement. (5)

i) The gravitational pull on moon is one third of the earth.

ii) Water is used to reduce machine friction.

iii) Water boils at 100 C.

iv) Salt is an insoluble impurity.

v) The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth.

vi) The moon is dry, airless and lifeless.

vii) The moon’s gravity causes tides on the earth.

viii) Plants and animals interfere with the environment.

ix) A green house of green colour.

x) Carbon Di oxide is not a greenhouse gas.


4- Match the following- (8)

i) Tsunami                        forceps

ii) Earthquake                      on ocean surface

iii) Boiling point                     reactor scale

iv) I class lever                         1000 C

v) II class lever                    crow bar

vi) III class lever                       21%

vii) Nitrogen              wheel barrow

viii) Oxygen                       78%


5- Give answer in one word   (8)

i) Push or pull.

ii) Ability to do work.

iii) Blanket of air surrounding the earth.

iv) A scale that is used in seismograph.

v) It is Chloro Floro carbon gas.

vi) A glass house where we grow plants.

vii) The shaking of earth’s surface.

viii) Conversion of a liquid into gaseous state.


6- Answer any 8 of the following questions. (16)

i) What do you mean by magnetic force?

ii) What are the uses of nitrogen?

iii) What are the properties of air?

iv) What is magma? What is it called when it flows on the surface of earth?

v) How are tides formed?

vi) Name the instrument that is used to measure an earthquake.

vii) What is pollution?

viii) What is lunar eclipse?

ix) What are green house gases?


7- Answer in detail.(Do any 2) (8)

i) What is a lever? Name its types.

ii) What is global warming?

iii) What is green house effect?


8- Make any three (3) diagrams from the following. (15)

i) Water cycle

ii) Solar eclipse

iii) Green house effect

iv) I and II class lever


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