Class 6 Mathematics Sample Paper

Class 6 Mathematics Sample Paper

Annual Examination


Sub- Mathematics

Time: 2:30 hour/M.M.-80

All questions are compulsory.


Q.1 to 8→ 1 mark, Q.9 to 16→2 marks, Q.17 to 24→ 3 marks and Q.25 to 32→4 marks


1- If a = 2 and b = 3, find the value of a + b


2- Add →        3x, 7x


3- Find 24 to 56 in the simplest form.


4- Name two examples of angles from your daily life.


5- Define the terms → Data.


6- Find the perimeter of a triangle of sides 7.8cm, 6.5cm, and 5.9cm.


7- Write the coefficient of x in 3 x.


8- Write the Numerical coefficient of    – 6bc


9- Write the following in the exponential form-

i) b× b × b× __________ 15 times.

ii) y ×y × y× __________ 20 times.


10- Solve:- x + 3 = – 2


11- How many degrees are there in-

i) One right angle?

ii) Two right angle?


12- Name each of the following parallelograms:-

i) The diagonals are equal and the adjacent sides are unequal.

ii) The diagonals are equal and the adjacent sides are equal.


13- Draw a circle with centre C and radius 4.5 cm. Mark points P, Q, R such that P lies in the interior of the circle, Q lies on the circle and R lies in the exterior of the circle.


14- Find the perimeter of a rectangle in which length = 16.8cm and breadth = 6.2cm.


15- Find the circumference of a circle whose radius is 28cm.


16- Find the area of a square plot of side H m.


17- If x=1, y=2 and z=5, Find the value of 3x – 2y+4z


18-  Add→3a-2b +5c, 2a+5b – 7c, – a – b + c


19- Simplify 4x – (3y – x+2z)


20- Find the value of x in 55:11: : x : 6 proportions.


21- Draw a line segment AB=6 cm. Take a point C on AB such that AC=4cm. from C, Draw CD ↓


22- The number of children in 25 family of a colony is given below. 2,0,2,4,2,1,3,3,1,0,2,3,4,3,1,1,1,2,2,3,2,4,1,2,2 present the above data in the form of a frequency distribution table.


23- The number of stools in three rooms of a school are given below

Room number             I            II          III
No. of stools           30            40           60

Tacking the scale = 10 stools, draw the pictograph.


24- Subtract=5a+7b-2c from 3a-7b+4c.


25- Simplify 2p3 – 3p2 + 4p – 5 – 6p3 + 2p2 – 8p -2 + 6p + 8


26- Solve:- 3(x+2)-2(x-1)=7


27- Construct each of the following angles with the help of protractor

i) 25°

ii)  72°


28- Draw a parallelogram ABCD in which AB=6.5 cm, AD=4.8CM and LBAD=70° measure its diagonals.


29- A room is 12.5m long and 8m wide. A square carpet of side 8m is laid on its floor. Find the area of the floor which is not carpeted.


30- The sum of three consecutive natural numbers is 114. Find the number.


31- Fill in the blanks:-

i) An object that occupies space is called a__________.

ii) The __________ face of a cuboid are identical.

iii) A __________ has no vertex and no edge.

iv) All the faces of a __________are identical.


32- Write true or false:-

i) A parallelogram has no line of symmetry.

ii) A rhombus has four lines of symmetry.

iii) A square has four lines of symmetry.

iv) A rectangle has two lines of symmetry.


CBSE Sample Paper Class 7 Mathematics Set-2