Class 12 Marketing Unit Test Sample Paper

Class 12 Marketing Unit Test Sample Paper

(Fill in the blank)

1. Products have their own……… or a……… [1]

2. ………. are the goods used in producing the finished goods.[1]

3. Marketers define packaging as the ………. of marketing. [1]

(State true or false)

4. The term product is mostly used as a need-satisfying entity.  [1]

5. Shopping products are the goods that a customer purchases frequently, with minimum efforts. [1]


(Choose the correct alternative)

6. The product situs slot gacor expansion either in the depth and/or in width is  [1]

a) Product line

b) Product differentiation

c) Product diversification

d) Product standardization


7. The components of the product include. [1]

a) The logo

b) The core product

c) The brand name

d) All of these


8. What is slot terbaru meant by product positioning? [1]

9. Define Unsought products. [1]

10. Mention two qualities of good packaging. [1]

11. Explain the role of labeling. [2]

12. What is the difference judi slot gacor hari ini between customized product and augmented product? [2]

13. What are the four stages of product life cycle? Explain any one and its marketing strategies. [3]

14. What are the functions of packaging? [3]


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