CBSE Sample Paper for class 9 Social Studies

CBSE Sample Paper for class 9 Social Studies

Annual Examination


Sub- S. St

Time: 3:00 hours/M.M -80

All questions are compulsory.

(Q 1 to Q 20, 1 mark each)

1-  The tropic of Cancer does not pass through

a) Rajasthan

b) Odisha

c) Chhattisgarh

d) Mizoram


2- The highest peak in the Eastern ghat is

a) Anai Mudi

b) Kanchenjunga

c) Mahendragiri

d) Khasi


3- Which one of the following causes rainfall during winters in North Western part of India?

a) Cyclonic depression

b)  Retreating monsoon

c) Western disturbances

d) Southwest monsoon


4- In which of the following states is the Simplipal bio-reserve located?

a) Punjab

b) Delhi

c) Odisha

d) West Bengal


5- What is name of the oldest part of Indian land mass ?

6- Who was Abbe Sieyaes ?

7- The Spirit of the Laws was written by

a) Montesquieu

b) Rousseau

c) John Locke

d) Mirabeau

8- Who were Jadidists ?

9- Name the most infamous film about Jews.

a) International Jew

b) National Jew

c) The Eternal Jew

d) Giant Jew

10- What is Wall Street Exchange?

11- Which party of Zimbabwe led the struggle for independence?

a) PRI


c) Nazi Party

d) Workers Party

12- Who appoints the president of China?

13- What is the principle of Universal Adult Franchise ?

14- Into how many constituencies is the country divided for Lok Sabha elections ?

a) 549

b) 546

c) 543

d) 541

15- How many seats are slot terbaru reserved for women in local bodies?

a) One forth

b) One third

c) Two third

d) Half

16- Which is not Kharif crop?

a) Jowar

b) Bajra

c) wheat

d) Rice

17- What is multiple cropping?

18- Which is ode of the following?

a) Shop keeping

b) Transport

c) Fishing

d) Small scale manufacturing

19- What is infant mortality rate?

20- Define the market activities.


(Q 21 to Q 28, 3 marks each)

21- Tamil Nadu coast receives winter situs judi slot pragmatic murah rainfall. Give reason. “Or” Why is India often referred to as a subcontinent?

22- Which period of France is referred as Reign of Terror ? Give reasons.


Define the following.

a) The kulaka

b) Liberals

c) The Duma


Mention any three features of Nazism.

23- Mention any three limitations of democracy.

24- Mention any three functions of Election Commission.

25- Define the following.

a) General Elections

b) By – Elections

c) Mid – term Elections


‘Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts’. Explain briefly.

26- What is the importance of green revolution for the Indian economy?

27- Mention any three factors situs judi slot online gampang menang responsible for low yield of foodgrains in India.


Mention any three steps which have been taken by the government for skill development.

28- Distinguish between economic and non – economic activities.


(Q 29 to Q 34, 5 marks each)

29- What steps have been taken by the government to conserve biodiversity?


Give the characteristics and effects of the monsoon rainfall in India.

30- Explain the major characteristics of the northern plains of India.

31- Describe the circumstances leading to outbreak of revolutionary protest in France.

32- Mention the two stages of Russian Revolution. How did it affect Russia?


Explain why Nazism became popular in Germany by 1930.

33- Explain the major features of democracy.


What makes  elections in India democratic ?

34- Explain the basic factors of production.


Explain the factors which improve the quality of human beings.

35- On the outline map of India, mark the following. (1 mark each)

a) Aravalli Range

b) Kaziranga wild sanctuary

c) Lucknow

d) Tapi River

e) The state which get the highest rainfall.

f) Chhota Nagpur Plateau