CBSE Sample Paper for Class 11 Physical Education (048)

Class 11 Physical Education (048) Sample Paper

Note: All questions are compulsory.

A- Very short answer type question.

1- Which of the following is not the objective of physical education?

a) Physical development c

b) Social development

c) Social development

d) Fun and Recreation


2- Ancient Olympic game started in the year.

a) 394

b) 1896

c) 1500

d) 776 BC


3- Strength and endurance are components of.

a) Wellness

b) Health

c) Recreation activity

d) Physical fitness


4-  Adaptive physical education is to develop.

a) Disabled person

b) To train Divyang to just in society

c) Modify social attitude to adjust disabled

d) All of the above


5- Yoga is

a) Performing Asanas

b) Performing Pranayam

c) Union of Atma and Parmatma

d) To be honest


6-  Leader possesses.

a) Good personality

b) Good moral corrector

c) Intelligence

d) All of above


7- Anatomy is the study of.

a) Body functions

b) Body structure

c) Body disease

d) Body movements.


8- Drug addict persons are

a) Reliable

b) Unreliable

c) Brave

d) Strong


9-  Alcohol effect

a) Loss of senses

b) Good social circle

c) Baldness in in behavior

d) Happy family


10- General warming up tones up

a) Big muscles of body

b) Small muscles of body

c) I and hand coordination

d) All of above


B. Short answer type questions.

11- Define sports training. Explain the concept of Training in Sports.

12- Explain the principles of Training in Sports.

13- What do you mean by doping.

14- Define anatomy and physiology. Give for benefits of them.

15- Explain balance give four principle of stability.

16- Define leader give importance of student leader.

17- Write a note on river rafting.

18- State the objectives of adventure sports.

19- Explain the meaning of yoga.

20- Discuss the role of meditation for player.


C. Long answer type questions.

21- Highlight the yogic techniques for cleaning inner body.

22- Give the importance of physical fitness and Wellness.

23- Discuss the functions of IOC and IOC.

24- Explain the important principles used in training process.

25- Discuss about various aspects of respiratory system.

26- Discuss the safety measures to be considered during adventure sports.


CBSE Class 11 Sample Paper