DoT Launches Initiatives to Boost Digital Literacy in Schools

DoT Launches Initiatives to Boost Digital Literacy in Schools

In a significant move towards enhancing digital literacy among school students, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has unveiled a series of resources and portals aimed at promoting interactive learning and awareness on crucial topics. The initiatives include an E-booklet titled ‘Tale of Sanchar Sakhi’ and the launch of two dedicated portals – Tarang Sanchar and Sanchar Saathi.

Interactive Learning with ‘Tale of Sanchar Sakhi’

The ‘Tale of Sanchar Sakhi’ is an E-booklet specifically crafted for the interactive learning of children, especially teenagers. This resource is designed to engage students in a dynamic and informative manner, fostering a deeper understanding of telecommunication concepts and technologies.

Tarang Sanchar Portal: Dispelling Myths about EMF Radiation

The Tarang Sanchar Portal is a comprehensive platform created by DoT to raise awareness about electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emanating from mobile towers. It addresses common myths associated with EMF radiation, providing valuable information to dispel misconceptions. The portal can be accessed at

Sanchar Saathi Portal: Ensuring Mobile User Security

In addition, DoT has introduced the Sanchar Saathi Portal, which focuses on mobile user security. The portal covers various aspects, including phone tracking and verifying mobile numbers. It serves as a valuable resource for students, teachers, and other stakeholders to understand and implement best practices in mobile security. The portal can be explored at

Call to Action for CBSE-Affiliated Schools

All Principals and School Heads affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are urged to disseminate this information among students, teachers, and other stakeholders in their respective schools. The aim is to empower the school community with digital literacy skills and knowledge on vital telecommunications topics.

Nurturing Digital Literacy for the Future

These initiatives align with the broader goal of fostering digital literacy among the youth. By providing engaging resources and dedicated portals, DoT aims to equip students with the necessary skills and awareness to navigate the digital landscape safely and responsibly.

In a world increasingly reliant on digital technologies, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in ensuring that students are not only well-versed in technology but also informed about the associated risks and security measures.