CBSE Class 11 Sample Paper for Business Studies

CBSE Class 11 Sample Paper for Business Studies

Annual Examination

All questions are compulsory.

(Q.1 to Q.10 are of 1 mark each)

1- On which date the Make in India project was launched-

a) 15th August

b) 2nd October

c) 25th September

d) 8th October

2- The Head of joint Hindu family business is called-

a) Proprietor

b) Director

c) Karta

d) manager

3- Partnership between any two firms is called as____

a) joint sector

b) joint venture

c) PPP

d) partnership corporation

4- DTH services are provided by

a) Transport companies

b) Banks

c) cellular companies

d) none of the above

5- OLX is an example of which of the following category of e-business…

a) B2B

b) B2C

c) C2C

d) intra B

6- Which of the following is capable of doing maximum good to society?

a) Business ethics

b) Business success

c) Laws and regulations

d) professional management

7- Equity shareholders are called

a) Owner of the company

b) Partners of the company

c) Executive of the company

d) Guardian of the company

8- Start up India scheme was announced…

a) 26 Jan 2015

b) 15th Aug 2015

c) 8th Nov 2016

d) none

9- Chemist shop is an example of

a) Genral store

b) Speciality store

c) Street shop

d) None

10- Which one of the following is not amongest India’s major trading partners?

a) USA

b) UK

c) Germany

d) New Zealand

(Q.11 to Q.20 are of 2 marks each)

11- Define risk.

12- What is the liability of karta in joint Hindu family business?

13- Define departmental store.

14- What is health insurance?

15- Give full form of BPO.

16-  Define Business ethics.

17- Give the full form of ADR and GDR.

18- State the meaning of small business.

19- Define Exporting.

20- Define WTO.

(Q.21 to Q.30 are of 3 mark each)

21- Explain the objectives of WTO.

22- Define National Small Industries Corporation.

23- What is a debenture?

24- What is environment pollution?

25- Describe the meaning of e-business.

26- Explain about life insurance.

27- Write the difference between National electronic fund transfer and Real time gross settlement.

28- Distinguished between public sector and private sector.

29- Define prospectus.

30- Explain the objectives of business.

(Q.31 to Q.34 are of 5 marks each)

31- Explain the types of partnership firm.

32- Explain first five steps of Export procedure.

33- Explain the different elements of business ethics.

34- Explain briefly the social responsibilities of business towards different interest groups.