Term 1 Sample Paper Class 12 Business Studies 2021-22

Term 1 Sample Paper Class 12 Business Studies 2021-22

Time: 90 Min

Sub- Business StudiesΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

Maximum Marks-40

General instructions:

>There are a total 60 questions in the paper out of which 50 questions are to be attempt.

>The paper is divided into three sections.

>Section A contains 24 questions. Attempt any 20 questions.

>Section B contains 24 questions. Attempt any 20 questions.

>Section c contains 12 questions. Attempt any 10 questions.

>All questions carry equal marks.


1. Name the process of working with and through others to effectively achieve organisational objectives by efficiently using limited resources in a changing environment.

a) Management

b) Planning

c) Organisingβœ“

d) Controlling


2. Which of the following functions of Management helps in assigning duties, grouping task, establishing the authority and allocating resources required to carry out a specific plan?

a) Planning

b) Directing

c) Staffing

d) organizingβœ“


3. Management is……

a) A science

b) An art

c) Both a and c Β βœ“ Β 

d) None


4. Coordination is…

a) A random effort and established by itself

b) A deliberate effort and established by itself

c) Random effort where manager also makes an effort to co-ordinate

d) Deliberate effort where manager also makes an effort to co-ordinateβœ“


5. Making time table in an educational institute is an example of…..

a) Organizingβœ“

b) coordination

c) Controlling

d) none


6. Which principle of management is being violated if management does not fulfill its promise to increase wages of the workers after the mission is accomplished.

a) Order

b) Equity

c) Discipline

d) Initiativeβœ“


7. Name the principle of scientific management which suggested the introduction of scientific investigation and analysis.

a) science not rule of thumbβœ“

b) harmony not discord

c) cooperation not individualism

d) development of each person to her or his greatest efficiency and prosperity


8. Amrita keeps machines material tools etc ready for operation by concerned workers whose work is described by this statement under functional foremanship?

a) Gang boss

b) Repair bossβœ“

c) Route clerk

d) speed boss


9. Why did FW Taylor propose eight specialists under functional foremanship?

a) because all qualities like intelligence education text great manual dexterity energy could not be found in a single person

b) Because the number of former supervisors in a factory setup is very large.

c) because the number of workers in a factory set-up is very large

d) all of the aboveβœ“


10. Which statement is correct regarding division of work?

a) Intent is to produce more and better work from the same effort

b) work is divided into small task

c) trained specialist are required to perform each jobs

d) all of the aboveβœ“


11. The term business environment means the sum total of…

a) all individuals

b) institutions

c) Other forces that are outside the control of a business enterprise.

d) All of the above. βœ“


12. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

a) Business environment is a relative concept.

b) Business environment is the sum total of all things internal to business firms. βœ“

c) Opportunities refer to the positive internal trends or changes that will help a firm to improve its performance.

d) None


13. Which of the following is not an element of social environment?

a) birth and death rate c

b) constitution of the countryβœ“

c) population shifts

d) life expectancy


14. Which of the following dimensions of business environment includes a legislation passed by the government administrative orders issued by the government authorities?

a) Technological Environment

b) social environment

c) Legal environmentβœ“

d) economic environment


15. The current government initiated make in India programme which is good for the manufacturing sector out of the following identify the components of business environment quoted in the above line.

a) Economic

b) politicalβœ“

c) Legal

d) Technological


16. Which of the following is a feature of planning?

a) provides direction

b) reduces the risk of uncertainty

c) focuses on achieving objectives

d) all of the aboveβœ“


17. Which of the following statement is false with respect to planning?

a) It is one of the basic managerial functions.

b) Planning is closely connected with creativity and innovations.

c) it requires taking decisions

d) noneβœ“


18. Planning is required in all organisations at all levels and in all departments identify a feature of planning is studied in the above statement?

a) Planning is futuristic

b) planning is pervasiveβœ“

c) learning is a mental exercise

d) None


19. Which of the following statement is true regarding planning?

a) Once plants are made to decide the future course of action the management may not be in a position to change them. βœ“

b) Planning is a one-time process

c) Planning is required only at the top level of management as plans are made by top level of management

d) Planning always leads to success.


20. Planning is deciding in advance what to do and how to do it,The first step of planning process is…

a) setting objectivesβœ“

b) follow up

c) implementation of plan

d) developing premises


21. Which of the following importance of organising stimulates creativity amongst the managers?

a) development of personnel

b) optimum utilisation of resourcesβœ“

c) Expansion and growthΒ 

d) None


22. Which of the following is not a benefit of organising?

a) clarity in working relationship

b) Adaption to change

c) expansion and growth

d) identification and obtaining competitive personalβœ“


23. Which of the following is true regarding organisational structure?

a) grouping of jobs of similar nature under functional structure and organising these major functions as a separate department creates a divisional structure.

b) span of management determines the levels of management in the organisation structure

c) divisional structure makes training of employees easier as the focus is only on a limited range of skills

d) all of the above βœ“


24. …………… Is the obligation of a subordinate to properly perform the assigned duty.

a) Authority

b) responsibilityβœ“

c) Accountability

d) none



25. Which of the following is an advantage of functional structure?

a) leads to an occupational specialization

b) remote control and coordination within a department

c) helps in increasing managerial and operational efficiency

d) all of the aboveβœ“


26. What does workforce analysis reveal?

a) number of human resources available

b) type of human resources available

c) Bothβœ“

d) None


27. Management is an________ process as it is an ongoing and never ending process.

a) Continuousβœ“

b) non continuous

c) Frequent

d) alter


28. Which of the following nature of management involves skillful and personal application of existing knowledge to achieve desired results?

a) Science

b) Art

c) Professionβœ“

d) none


29. A good manager works through a combination of which of the following?

a) Practice

b) creativity and imagination

c) initiative and innovation

d) all of the aboveβœ“


30. ________comes under the top management.

a) chief executive officerβœ“

b) operations manager

c) foreman

d) supervisors


31. At which level managers spend more time in Planning and organising?

a) Top levelβœ“

b) middle level

c) lower levelΒ 

d) all of these


32. Hiring of employees is done by.

a) Top levelβœ“

b) Middle level

c) Lower level

d) all of these


33. xyz keeps machines ,material, tools,etc ready for operations by concerned workers whose work is described by this statement under functional foremanship?

a) Gang Boss

b) repair Bossβœ“

c) route Clerk

d) speed Boss


34. Which technique of Taylor differentiates between an efficient worker and an inefficient worker?

a) standardisation and simplification of work

b) differential piece wage systemβœ“

c) Time study

d) fatigue study


35. Shashi joined fashion limited as head of production department and realised that company was not performing well. She developed the best method for using several parameters right from deciding the sequence of operations place of man, machine,and raw materials till the delivery of the product to the customers identify the technique of scientific management being followed by Shashi.

a) Motion study

b) fatigue study

c) method studyβœ“

d) Time study


36. The shift of demand from soft drinks to juices is an opportunity for juice companies and thread for soft drink companies identify the feature of business environment.

a) Relativity

b) complexity

c) Uncertainty

d) Dynamicβœ“


37. The components of business environment keep on changing due to changes in various circumstances this shows that business environment is…

a) Dynamicβœ“

b) uncertain

c) Complex

d) Relative


38. Increase in the use of mobile phones and iPods instead of papers and radio refers to an example of a key component of general environment of business identify the components of business environment.

a) Technological βœ“

b) political

c) Legal

d) economic


39. Due to enforcement of euro-4 emission norms, an automobile company had to phase out of one of its model. Identify the dimension of environment highlighted in the given statement.

a) Technologicalβœ“

b) political

c) Legal

d) Economic


40. ______ Step in the process of planning is considered as the real point of decision making.

a) Setting objectives

b) Selecting an alternativeβœ“

c) Implementation of plan

d) Developing premises


41. While selecting an alternative under the planning process which of the following are considered?

a) Combination of plants may be selected instead of one best source

b) Subjectivity and managers experience or judgment plays a role

c) The most feasible profitable plan with least negative consequences is chosen

d) All of the aboveβœ“


42. Planning is deciding in advance what to do and how to do it. The first step of planning process is…

a) setting objectivesβœ“

b) follow up

c) implementation of plan

d) developing premises


43. Which of the following are considered as the pillars of marketing?

a) Packaging

b) Labelling

c) Bothβœ“

d) none


44. ……… Refers to producing goods of predetermined specification which helps in achieving uniformity and consistency in the output.

a) Standardizationβœ“

b) packaging

c) Labelling

d) Grading


45. Which of the following functions of marketing helps in building customer loyalty and in promoting its sale?

a) Standardization

b) Branding βœ“

c) pricing of products

d) Grading


46. Which of the following statement is true regarding marketing?

a) It is a process whereby people exchange goods and services for money

b) It has been referred to as performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers.

c) It includes many activities that are performed even before goods are actually produced and continue even after the goods have been sold.

d) All of the aboveβœ“


47. Which of the following marketing functions is concerned with informing the customers about the firms products?

a) physical distribution

b) promotionβœ“

c) market planning

d) packaging and labeling


48. Which function of marketing is concerned with the cost and location of target market?

a) Promotion

b) warehousing

c) Transportationβœ“

d) Branding


49. Creams and medicines are the examples of……. products.

a) Convenience

b) shoppingβœ“

c) Specialty

d) none


50. That part of a brand which can be recognised but which is not utterable is called……..

a) Brand markβœ“Β 

b) Trade mark

c) Brand name

d) all of these


51. A car manufacturer offers to sale a particular brand of car at a discount of rupees 10000 for a limited period. Identify the sales promotion activity in the above example.

a) Refund

b) product combinations

c) Rebate

d) Discountβœ“


52. A popular brand of hair conditioners comes in different categories of for different hair say for normal hair and for other categories. Identify the function of leveling in the above example.

a) providing information required by law

b) describe the product and specify its contents

c) grading of productsβœ“

d) promotion of products


53. The advertisement of a tour and travel agency States the following in its advertisement… visit Jaisalmer the golden city visit Jaipur the pink City visit Udaipur the city of lakes what is being marketed by the agency through the advertisement?

a) Experienceβœ“

b) place

c) Ideas

d) service


54. Buy 2 get 1 free is printed on the label of the package of toothpaste .Which labelling function is being performed by this statement?

a) Describe the product

b) identification of the brand

c) grading of product

d) sales promotionβœ“


55. Which of the following statements is incorrect with respect to the various aspects of marketing mix?

a) The advantage of registering trademark is to get exclusive legal rights for its use and no other form can use this mark to sale similiar goods.

b) Promotion mix refers to the decisions related to sales promotion tools used by an organisation to achieve its objectives

c) Product mix includes activities that are involved in transferring the ownership to customers and to make the product available at the right place at the right time.

d) None of the aboveβœ“


56. Buy appliances worth rupees 15000 and get a discount voucher of rupees 3000 which of the following sales promotion activity is being here?

a) Discount

b) usable benefits

c) Rebate

d) Quantity giftβœ“


57. Ultimate televisions limited is offering its 50 TV sets at a discount of rupees 10000 for a period of two months beginning from 15th February 2021.which of the following sales promotion activity is being used by ultimate televisions limited.

a) Discount

b) Refund

c) Rebateβœ“

d) Quantity gift


58. ________refers to producing goods of predetermined specifications which help in achieving uniformity and consistency in the output.

a) Standardizationβœ“

b) packaging

c) Labeling

d) Grading


59. Which of the following statements is true about the organizing function of management?

a) Departmentalization is the first step in the process of organising

b) pricing for discourages creativity among the managers

c) organising allows a business enterprise to accommodate changes in the business environment.

d) All of the aboveβœ“


60. Which type of organisational structure is the most suitable when the size of the organisation is large and is producing one line of product?

a) Functionalβœ“

b) Divisional

c) Both

d) none

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