Term 1 Sample Paper Class 11 Biology 2021-22

Term 1 Sample Paper Class 11 Biology(044) 2021-22


Time: 1.30 hour/M.M.-35

Note: All the questions value equal marks. Attempt all the questions. Tick the correct answer out of the given 4 choices.

Which of the following is a class of animal kingdom?

a) primata

b) Mammalia ✓               

c) Spindales

d) poales


2. The living organisms can be unexceptionally distinguished from the non –living things on the basis of their ability for-

a) interaction with the environment and progressive evolution

b) consciousness✓

c) growth and movement

d) reproduction


Regeneration can be observed in-

a) fungi

b) planaria                        

c) hydra

d) both b and c✓


3. Fishes, amphibians, reptiles, and birds are kept in the same________.

a) class

b) order                       

c) phylum ✓

d) genus


4. Taxon is the unit of-

a) species

b) order                      

c) taxonomy ✓

d) genus


5. Dicot and monocot plants are placed under a common taxonomic category known as-

a) bryophytes

b) angiosperms ✓    

c) gymnosperms

d) arthropoda


6. In members of which kingdom nuclear membrane is absent?

a) plantae

b) monera   ✓            

c) fungi

d) protista


7. Who was the founder of five kingdom system of classification?

a) Aristotle

b) T.O. Diener             

c) H.Whittaker ✓

d) C.Linnaeus


8. Which of the following statement is incorrect about viruses?

a) Viruses contain either RNA or DNA

b) Viruses do not have their own metabolic system

c) Bacteriophages are double stranded DNA viruses

d) TMV contains both RNA and DNA ✓


9. Viruses that infect the bacteria are termed as-

a) Mycophages

b) Bacteriophages  ✓             

c) Cyanophages

d) both (a) and (c)



Lichens show symbiotic relationship between-

a) Algae and fungi ✓

b) Algae and bacteria          

c) fungi and bacteria

d) fungi and viruses


10. The association of fungi with the roots of higher plants is called-

a) Lichens

b) Mycorrhiza  ✓                 

c) slime mould

d) Neurospora


11. Bacterial cell divides every one minute become double. It takes 15 minutes a cup to be 1/4th How much time will it take to fill the cup?

a) 30 minutes

b) 45 minutes            

c) 60 minutes

d) 17 minutes ✓          


12. The bacteria were discovered by-

a) Robert Koch

b) A.V.Leeuwenhoek  ✓             

c) Stanley

d) Louis Pasteur


13. The viruses are considerd as living because they-

a) multiply in host cells✓

b) carry anaerobic respiration              

c) cause infection

d) carry digestion


14. After fertilization ovules turn into –

a) fruit

b) seed ✓                     

c) cone

d) embryo


15. Female gametophyte in angiosperms is called-

a) endosperm

b) carpel                     

c) ovule

d) embryo sac ✓


16. A flower has stamens only as a reproductive part, is known as –

a) bisexual

b) hermaphrodite                    

c) unisexual ✓

d) vegetative


17. Timber for furniture is obtained from-

a) mustard

b) cotton                       

c) teak ✓

d) coriander


Which of the following plants possess naked seeds?

a) pteridophytes

b) angiosperms                

c) bryophytes

d) gymnosperms✓


18. Primary root directly grows from-

a) plumule

b) radicle ✓                    

c) pedicel

d) stamen


19. In the mustard plant root system is present _________

a) nodulated

b) prop                       

c) tap ✓

d) fibrous


20. Which is not modification of root?

a) rhizome of ginger ✓

b) sweet potato                

c) prop

d) carrot


21. The nucleus of cell was discovered by-

a) Robert Hook

b) Camillo Golgi                  

c) Schwann

d) Robert Brown✓


The smallest cell is

a) WBC

b) Ostrich egg                  

c) Mycoplasma ✓

d) RBC


22. Which of the following cell organelle contains hydrolytic enzyme

a) Endoplasmic reticulum

b) Lysosome✓                

c) Vacuole

d) Mitocondria


23. Which of the following cell organelle is known as the power house of cell?

a) Nucleus

b) Chloroplast                

c) Golgi Apperatus

d) Mitochondria✓


24. The type of ribosomes found in prokaryotic cells is-

a) 70S ✓

b) 80S               

c) both 70S and 80S

d) none of these


25. New cells generate from –

a) Abiotic material

b) pre-existing cells  ✓           

c) Bacterial fermentation

d) regenration of old cells


The plastids that give the different colours other than green are called

a) somoplasts

b) chromoplasts ✓            

c) chloroplasts

d) leuchoplasts


26. Cell theory was given by-

a) Leeuwenhoek

b) Aristotle              

c) Schleiden and Schwann✓ 

d) Robert Brown



27. How many chromosomes are present in human diploid cell?

a) 13 pairs 

b) 23 pairs  ✓                

c) 3 pairs

d) 10 pairs


28. Which one of the following plasted stores the protein in maize seed?

a) chromoplast

b) chloroplast              

c) amyloplast

d) aleuroplast✓


29. The structures like heap of coins present in chloroplasts are called –

a) cristae

b) grana  ✓                   

c) ribosomes

d) centrosome


30. Plasma membrane is-

a) permeable

b) selective semi permeable✓      

c) impermeable

d) none of these


Assertion –Reason type questions

In the following questions, a statement of assertion (A) is followed by a statement of reason (R).

a) Both Assertion and Reason are true and reason is the correct explaination of the assertion.

b) Both Assertion and Reason are true but reason is not correct explanation of the assertion.

c) Assertion is true and Reason are false.

d) Both Assertion and Reason are false.


31. A –Lichens do not grow in polluted area.

R-Lichens secrete carbonic acid and oxalic acid on barren rocks.



32. A-Unicellular eukaryotes are included in Monera.

R-Unicellular eukaryotes have 70S ribosomes.

Answer (D)


33. A-The storage region of maize seed is whitish or yellow.

R-It is rich in protein.

Answer: (C)


34. A-lysosomes help in digestion of food particles in the animal cells.

R-They have respiratory enzymes.

Answer: (C)


35. A-Corm grows vertically beneath soil surface.

R-It bears nodes internodes slot online buds and green leaves.