Registration PPC-Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

PPC-Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

The 6th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC), an interactive program of Hon’ble Prime Minister with students, teachers and parents, will be held in a town-hall format at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi in January 2023.

In order to select participants who will be featured in the PPC programme, an online creative writing competition is being conducted. between 25th November, 2022 and 30th December 2022 for students of classes 9 to 12, teachers and parents. About 2050 winners will also receive a certificate signed by Director NCERT and a copy of the ‘Exam Warrior’ book written by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

The competition is a mode through which students, parents and teachers are invited to frame questions to be addressed to the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Selected questions (shortlisted by NCERT) may feature in the programme.
The participants who asked questions in the previous editions of PPC are invited by media channels to appear in their programmes. Along the same lines, this year’s chosen few may get an opportunity to interact with the media.
In this context, schools are requested to:

1. Adopt innovative measures to propagate and promote this initiative towards reducing exam stress among students, teachers and parents.

2. Use own social media handles and #PPC2023 to disseminate the information about the event. Schools can make their own posters/creatives/videos, etc. about the event/programme and post accordingly. The selected creatives/videos from among these shall also be exhibited on the MyGov platform.

3. Display the creatives of the programme at prominent places in the school.

4. Ensure maximum registration of students in the online creative writing competition conducted.


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Themes for Students

i)Know your freedom fighters 

What life stories have you heard about freedom fighters of your state or region? What inspirations do you draw from their lives? How do you want to serve your nation?

ii) Our culture is our pride 

What is special about your state’s culture? What elements of that culture make you feel proud of your country?

iii) My Book My Inspiration 

Which book has had the most influence on you, and why?

iv) Save Environment for future generations 

What are your thoughts on sustainable development? What challenges do you see for our future generations as a result of climate change? What steps must we take to safeguard our environment? As a student, how can you contribute to long-term development?

v) My life, my health 

Why is staying healthy so important? What do you do to keep your health in check?

vi) My startup dream 

Entrepreneurship among students is essential for self-sufficiency and success in life while also contributing to the nation’s economy and work culture. What are your hopes for your own startup?

vii) STEM education/ education without boundaries 

NEP 2020 encourages students to be flexible in their subject selection. Students are free to study subjects of their choosing, to chart their own course, and to pursue a career of their choosing. There is life outside of Science and Mathematics. What are your thoughts on this? What are your concerns about this transformative recommendation? What are your recommendations?

viii) Toys and Games for Learning in Schools 

Toys and games can also be a source of learning. What are your thoughts on students learning through toys and games in secondary school?

Themes for Teachers

i) Our Heritage

What is the importance of teaching ‘Indian’ traditional knowledge for holistic development of students? How do you intend to integrate it into your school curriculum?

ii) Enabling Learning Environment 

What is your role as a teacher in creating a healthy and conducive learning environment for your students’ emotional and mental well-being? How will you structure activities to ensure that all students participate and learn? What are your thoughts and feelings about peer learning?

iii) Education for Skilling 

Skill education is very important. Though the entire education system in our country needs to be transformed in order to provide skill education, the promotion of Vocational Education among secondary students is critical. The reason for this is that many students do not want to pursue academics/higher education, but rather want to explore different avenues to advance in life. What are your thoughts on the matter?

iv) Lesser Curricular Load and No fear for exams

Students can learn through experiential learning and project-based curriculum; having confidence in what and how they learn reduces the pressure of examinations. What initiatives will you take as a teacher to implement the NEP 2020 perspective?

v) Future educational challenges 

What, in your opinion, are the current educational challenges? How should schools, teachers, and parents help children cope with changing educational expectations?

Themes for Parents

i) My child, my teacher

What is something unique or interesting your child has taught you? How did you learn it and adjust to it? Why is it important to adapt to our children’s interests?

ii) Adult Education- Making everyone literate 

What according to you is the importance of Adult Education? How can it result in a more empowered nation? How can children help adults understand contemporary issues?

iii) Learning and growing together 

How will you complement your child’s learning at home with what he or she is learning at school? Write a creative note about your role as a parent in your child’s healthy learning process.