CBSE class 12 board exams 2021: new formula for CBSE 12th board exam, see the latest update

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2021. Central Board of Secondary Education is busy preparing a new formula for the 12th Board Exam 2021. The UGC has also been consulted for this. The board has been in deep discussions with the agencies to conduct the examination as soon as possible.

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2021 Central Board of Secondary Education is busy preparing a new formula for the 12th Board Exam 2021. The UGC has also been consulted for this. Experts are constantly being consulted. The board has been doing extensive brainstorming with its testing agencies conducting various examinations to conduct the exam as soon as possible. There are reports that CBSE does not want to cancel this examination postponed due to Corona virus infection.

CBSE intends to take the 12th board exam in any case, so that the future of the students is safe and their career can be taken in the right direction. However, the board has said that after reviewing the status of corona virus across the country on June 1, the board will take a final decision on whether to conduct the Class 12 board exams or cancel it as the final option. While the news of postponement of NEET exam is also coming.

A Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) official indicated that if the corona virus infection worsens further in the country, CBSE is also planning other preparations for the same. He said that till now the 12th board examination 2021 has been postponed. While the board is very hopeful to conduct this exam in July. We will start our work as soon as the situation improves.

There is no further delay in conducting this important examination. The CBSE official said that the board is trying to complete the examination process from late June to July. However, this step will be taken only after the final decision on 1 June. In any case, the results will have to be released after evaluation of copies in a month. Once the exam results are declared by August, students will be able to enroll in higher education.

According to CBSE sources, there are reports that the 12th board exam may be held in July. Because the high level committee of the central government may allow the board to conduct the examination after the corona infection has subsided. A final decision in this regard will be taken in a high level meeting of the government and the central education department on 1 June. Various agencies related to the Ministry of Education and CBSE exams on the 12th board exam are engaged in serious brainstorming on the subject.

Here, a large section related to the management of students, parents and CBSE schools is demanding marking of students through internal assessment in the 12th board examination, similar to the internal assessment being done after cancellation of the 10th board exam. Meanwhile, CBSE has started its annual counseling program on 10 May itself through the Friends for Life app. Especially students taking 12th board exams are being given special advice about their careers.