MCQ questions for class 11 Business Studies

MCQ questions for class 11 Business Studies


Q-1 Which is not an Economic objective of business?

(a) survival

(b) profit

(c) Reward

(d) Growth


Q-2 which one is not a type of economic development?

(a) Business

(b) Profession

(c) Services

(d) Employment


Q-3 Which one is not a type of creation of utility?

(a) Time

(b) Place

(c) Money

(d) Form


Q-4 Which industry involved extraction of natural resources?

(a) Genetic industry

(b) Extractive industry

(c) Analytical industry

(d) primary industry


Q-5 Which is not a example of tertiary industry?

(a) Transportation

(b) Banking

(c) productions

(d) Warehousing


Q-6 Which one branch helps in removing the hindrance of knowledge?

(a) Advertisement

(b) Banking

(c) Insurance

(d) Trade


Q-7 Change in technology is an example of which cause of business risk?

(a) Physical Risk

(b) Economic Risk

(c) Natural Risk

(d) Human Risk


Q-8 Which one is the type of manufacturing industry?

(a) Assembly industry

(b) Genetic industry

(c) Extractive industry

(d) Service industry


Q-9 Which one is not an human/individual objective?

(a) provide good environment

(b) provide good salary

(c) social services

(d) participation in decision making


Q-10 Which one is not an example of non economic activity?

(a) charity

(b) social services

(c) profit earning

(d) going to temple


Q-11 Which one is not a feature of Hindu undivided family?

(a) Management

(b) liability

(c) membership by birth

(d) Agreement


Q-12 In which year partnership act has come?

(a) 1932

(b) 1933

(c) 1934

(d) 1936 


Q-13 ‘One man control’ is a feature of daftar judi slot gacor which form of private sector enterprise?

(a) sole proprietorship

(b) partnership

(c) joint stock company

(d) Mitakshra


Q-14 which system only prevails in West Bengal?

(a) Mitakshra

(b) Dayabhaga

(c) partnership

(d) sole proprietorship


Q-15 Which types of partnership based on the liability of members?

(a) General partnership

(b) Fixed period partnership

(c) particular partnership

(d) partnership at will


Q-16 which one is not a types of partners?

(a) Active partner

(b) sleeping partner

(c) secret partner

(d) Minor partner


Q-17 Who contains the power and objective of the company?

(a) memorandum of association

(b) article of association

(c) partnership deed

(d) joint stock company


Q-18 Who contains documents that invites deposit offers judi online from public for purchase of any shares or debentures?

(a) prospectus.     

(b) memorandum of association

(c) article of association

(d) cooperative organisations


Q-19 which one organisation is not a main motive of earning profit but the main motive of social welfare?

(a) cooperative organisation

(b) partnership

(c) sole proprietorship

(d) joint stock company


Q-20 which one is not a disadvantage of partnership?

(a) unlimited judi slot terbaru liability

(b) uncertainty

(c) Risk of mutual agency

(d) easy to form.